Toni Marine Inc. has been rebuilding engines, since its inception, in 1958. We are one of the oldest and most experienced outboard rebuilders in the northeast.


If you are a dealer, independent repair shop, or do it yourself builder, and are concerned about the accuracy of the machine shop equipment you are currently using, let us take care of your machine work on the latest state of the art, Rottler Performance Machines. This same equipment is used by the finest racing shops and professional race teams. Using our custom built fixtures, we have adapted this machinery to offer that same accuracy to your outboard power head.


The majority of our technical expertise was cultivated in the late 70’s when our racing programs started. Working with the largest high performance outboard development company at the time, we built and tested engines at the cutting edge of our industry’s technology.


Countless hours spent on their in–house state of the art computerized dynamometer gave us a unique understanding of combining horsepower and durability. So much so, that we acquired our own computerized water brake dynamometer in 1994. Every engine over 60 hp that comes to us for something as simple as winterization, tune up, or a major overhaul, spends time on our dynamometer to assure it’s on the water performance.  


Whether it was offshore endurance, closed course racing, or straightaway records, hundreds of hours of testing our own and client’s engines, under extreme conditions, gave us a unique insight into understanding how to incorporate reliability and accuracy in all of our machining and assembly processes.


So whether you own a stock two stroke, four stroke or Hi-Performance Outboard, we apply the same blueprint-like precision, to every engine we machine and assemble. 


“Reverse Engineering” and OEM Factory Service Manuals are the basis for our technical information. We use these measurements such as, deck heights, valve seat angles, CC volumes, and surface finishes, etc., to apply original manufacturer specifications to all of our machining,


This translates into unmatched reliability and better than new OEM tolerances on every engine we build.